About D

Blog Created: Feb 17, 2011

About Tinkerbell:
Tinkerbell is a Pacific Parrotlet hatched on April 27th, 2011 (Taurus if you want to know!). She weighs in at around 30 to 32 grams. She was bought from a wonderful breeder named Linda Au at Linda's Parrotlets. She was one of four sisters and was definitely the little darling of the bunch!

I met Tink when she was a three month old little lady. We became instant best friends! She is the only pet I've ever had who I have really and truly bonded with to the point where we even understand each-others clicks and whistles!

Over the time that I've had her, I've come up with some pretty wild and crazy nicknames including some theme songs for my little chicken. Including: Chicken-D, D, Wee B Chick P Diddly D, Little Lady Birdie, Tinker Toes, Toes, Bells and Baby Bells.

Love ya Tink!